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What They’re Saying About Us

People are at the heart of life here at Baby's First Sips. In everything we do, what we value the most at our Nursing Home is keeping our community happy, healthy and satisfied. Below are some of the kind thoughts and thank you notes we’ve received. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.

Testimonials: Testimonials

"We choose Baby's First Sips because of Kim's experience and background. She seemed abundantly qualified to help me with a variety of issues I was having with breastfeeding. We reached out to Kim when my newborn was one month old to help with:
- trouble latching (sharp pain during latch/feeding)
- vasospasm of nipples
- issues with fast letdown
- gassy baby
Kim got back to us right away, was very flexible, and we scheduled a time for that week. Once she arrived, she was able to answer my questions in full and provide solutions to my issues. It's honestly night and day after our experience with Kim and to no longer be in pain when feeding my baby is amazing. I will 100% be recommending Baby's First Sips to all my friends."

- Mel and Arju

"Kim was so quickly available for me when I needed her most! My newborn was 8 days old and although I breastfed my first son fairly easily it wasn't the case this time around. I had engorgement, cracked nipples, bleeding, latch issues and I just wasn't sure if my baby was feeding properly. Sometimes it hurt, sometimes it didn't. Sometimes he would just fall asleep on the boob and I felt like all I was doing was feeding... I needed some clarity from someone else. 
Kim came in and was so kind, friendly, non-judgmental and listened to all of my concerns. She made me feel calm and very comfortable. It is obvious that she loves what she does and she knew exactly how to coach me. If you are unsure of what you are doing, or think you know but just want some reassurance, I highly recommend you contact Kim. This is an important time and process for your baby's health and worth every dime! Not to mention some health care spending accounts, through benefit plans, will cover it! I was lucky and mine did! Good Luck new Mummies!!!"

- Pamela Thornton

"Kim's visits provided an excellent blend of support, encouragement and information. She had a wealth of knowledge about breastfeeding techniques and community resources and an easy way of combining this professional knowledge with her personal experience as a mother of four children. Through many weeks of visiting, Kim was consistently both kind and professional, available and immensely patient in answering the many questions I had as a new mom."

- Carla Zucchero Sarracini

"Here is a little thanks for all the care and support you showed us at the time of our daughter, Sophie's birth. Breastfeeding continues to be something we work on, but with the principles you ingrained from the beginning, we know we'll be ok. Thanks for everything you did to make us believe that we got this!"

- Sheetal, Paul, Roman and Sophie

"I found the workshop very informative. It taught me a lot and will be very helpful in the future."
"Interactive, practical and very positive instructor (enthusiasm). Thank you so much - I learned a lot of really applicable information." 
"Very informative with a wide variety of options, choices and potential conditions of breastfeeding. Kim is a wonderful facilitator."
"Learning about all the myths of breastfeeding."

- Feedback from Breastfeeding Workshop Participants (Doula certification hours)

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