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When you choose Baby's First Sips, you’re choosing to live your life to the fullest! There is nothing more rewarding than being with and supporting new families. I see women transform when things begin to work the way they want and hoped. By choosing Baby's First Sips Service you will be supported as a mother, empowered, and encouraged to be the best mom ever!

Our Services: Our Services
Mother Breastfeeding Baby
Mother Holding Baby

In-Home Breastfeeding Support

Just discharged from the hospital? This is usually the time that we get THE phone call. Whatever your concern, we can provide any assistance and support that you may need.

You can expect us to collaborate with you to overcome any issues that you might be having, and that includes creating a baby’s feeding plan with you to address identified needs. By the end of the visit, you will be feeling supported, empowered and encouraged.

Your Home visit will include:

·  Complete Mother and Baby health history

·  Breast assessment

·  Oral and sucking assessment

·  Latching and positioning support

·  Baby behaviour, feeding cues, and anticipatory guidance

·  Tips & tools to help you breastfeed more easily & effectively

·  Milk transfer intake and nutritive feeding suck-swallow assessment

Private Sleep Consultation

Private sleep consultations are great for parents looking for support and guidance in establishing healthy sleep habits for their baby. It is known that a good sleep is not only essential to your baby's growth and development, but for the whole family's well being. While sleep itself is a natural process, developing healthy sleep habits is a learned skill. With so many conflicting opinions on sleep from books, professionals, family and friends, it can be overwhelming for parents to choose the best sleep approach for their family. I am here to help!

Kim has extensive knowledge of baby & early child developmental needs, parenting, effective sleep coaching methods and scheduling routines. She will conduct a comprehensive sleep assessment while working closely with you to design and implement a customized sleep plan for your family’s needs and parenting style.

Prenancy in White

In-Hospital Breastfeeding Support

Our primary focus is on breastfeeding, especially initial latching & positioning with early skin-to-skin contact. This is the most important time for baby and mom to ensure proper latching and colostrum/milk transfer, which establishes a healthy milk supply, as well as prevents tissue damage, excessive weight loss or rising jaundice levels. In hospital, the lactation consultants in-house will most likely see you. We can always be on-call to assist with latching & proper technique in-hospital.

Prenatal Classes

We can offer a customized Breastfeeding 101 class or one-to-one consultation at your home that answers all of your questions and more. This is a popular option for those who have a busy family/work life or have friends who would also benefit from the session.
Of course, breastfeeding success goes beyond getting the facts, it also involves creating the environment to practice and build your confidence. Whether you’re expecting your first child or you have previously experienced nursing challenges, a prenatal consultation or class will give you valuable confidence and skills for welcoming your new baby.

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