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Consultation Fees

* Please note fees for the RN / LC services are not covered by OHIP, however some individual or group health plans may cover the cost. Check with your individual insurance policy to determine your level of coverage. 

An official receipt will be provided with each visit.

Phone Breastfeeding Consult


Duration is 15 mins​

  • Identify feeding goals and concerns

  • Address feeding issues and challenges with supportive tips and resources

In - Home Breastfeeding Visit


1.5 hours

  • Breastfeeding support

  • A personalized feeding plan

  • 15 mins follow up breastfeeding phone support

In - Home Breastfeeding Visit Follow Up


Duration is 1 to 1.5 hours

  • Review feeding plan and adjust as needed

  • Provide continued support and guidance

In - Hospital Breastfeeding Visit


Duration is 1 hour

  • Support your initial needs

  • Work with you and your healthcare team to develop an in-hospital feeding plan before discharge

In - Home, Phone or Virtual Baby Sleep Visit

Price varies depending on needs and duration

Your choice of in person, phone or virtual visit.

  • Comprehensive newborn sleep assessment

  • Customized sleep plan designed closely with you for your family's needs and parenting style

  • Create supportive strategies to achieve your sleep plan goals

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class


Duration is 2 hours

  •  In-home or virtual childbirth and breastfeeding sessions to prepare for the birth of your newborn.

  • Evidence-based resources and support

Rates: Clients
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